Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday December 4 post #4

Well, today is December 4th.  Wow, how this year has flown by!  We had the party for my sewing group the 'Old Dollies' on Saturday.  That was so much fun.  We played some games, the candy cane game, where you had to put a candy cane in your mouth and with the hook end pick up other candy canes and see how many you could put on your plate.  You were not allowed to use your hands.  They put us in teams of two and who ever won would play the winner in the next team and so on.  There was a Christmas tree made out of horse shoes.  It was really cute.  I didn't get a picture and I did not win.  But it was a real fun game. The lady who won it was so happy, she would have done anything to get that little horseshoe tree! 
We also played the 'fat quarter' game.  For those out there who have played this game, you know how fun it is.  You all start out with 3 fat quarters of fabric and by the end of the game they are all in the center but one.  The one who is holding the last fat quarter wins the entire pile in the center.  I didn't win that one either.  Alas......  The girl in our group who doesn't sew won it.  Huh!?!?!?!?!???  She loves to color on fabric with gel pens.  She heat sets them when she's finished and then they can be put into quilts or any project she likes.
We did a gift exchange, White Elephant style where you could steal someone gift.  That is always real fun.  Everyone got a wonderful gift and I'm sure we will play it again next year.
We also had a pot luck.  Yum!!!  Always love those pot lucks.  The only thing is we didn't sew at all, we just had our party in lieu of the monthly sewing get together.  I can't wait until next month when we will all be sewing again.  It was a nice trade off, I always love a good party. 
I do have multiple projects going tho.  I am going to quilt a donation quilt for a local animal rescue called "Res-Que".  A friend put it together and I'm going to put an E2E, (edge-to-edge), all over design of paw prints on it.
I'll finish it up with the binding too.  This will be raffled off so I hope it brings in a bunch of money for the animals who need it.
I've also got a couple of cross stitch projects I can't wait to start.  Here's a couple...
Aren't they just the cutest??? 
I love Christmas time and this year is going to be another wonderful Christmas.  I hope it is for all of you too.
Until later, keep on stitchin,

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