Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Cross stitch ornament 11/28/17 post #2

Good Morning,
I have been doing a little bit of cross stitching at night.  The Old Dollies are getting together this Saturday and there is an ornament exchange.  I am working on a cross stitch for my ornament.
This one was very easy and fast. 
I found the pattern in this magazine.  I really liked it, there's a ton of ornament cross stitch patterns in here. 
Today I will finish putting it all together and show what it looks like tomorrow.   Even though ours is a quilting group many of us just sew on whatever we want to bring.  I believe cross stitch is also another favorite of some of the ladies too.
On to my sewing machines.  I started sewing, I believe when I was 7 or 8 years old on my mother's Singer 185K.  A little green machine that I loved very much.  I remember wanting to sew on her all the time but if my mom couldn't stand over me and watch me she didn't want me using it.  She told me 'your going to hurt yourself'.  You know how mom's can be.....anyway, my mom worked the second shift at the hospital and my dad was home with us kids.  My dad didn't have a problem letting me sew when mom was at work.  He would take the machine out for me and let me go....weeeeeee!!!  I learned a lot about that machine.  I would fix what I needed to.  At that point it was just figuring out why my thread was all bunched up underneath the fabric or why it wouldn't stitch right and replacing the needle.  But I did it.  About a year ago I found this little beauty at an auction and had to have her...
She is the spittin image of the one I learned on.  She is a little work horse.  I haven't named her as some people do.  I have so many machines and I'm real bad at remembering names so I just haven't named any of them.  It's so fun to sew on the older vintage machines.  They were made to do a straight stitch only and for quilting that is such a good thing for those 1/4" seam allowances.  That's why many people like the Singer Featherweights, they only weigh 11 pounds.  This Singer 185K  machine is a 3/4 size machine of the full size Singers but it weighs a ton.  Okay, 30 pounds, but that is a lot especially for a little kid.  Even now it's still heavy, but I love her.
All the machines I purchase I take apart, clean, replace what needs replacing and put them back together again.  My husband is an electrician so if I ever get stumped on the electrical he helps me out and changes the wiring if I can't do it.  This really helps! But most of the time I do it as I have really learned a lot about all my machines.  So that's my introduction to the first of many of my sewing machines.  The Singer 185k.
Anyway, I better go for today.  I need to finish up that ornament and I have customers quilts that need to be finished.  Aaaaahhhhh.......did I say that I LOVE my job?
Have a wonderful Tuesday and I will be back soon.
Happy Stitchin,

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